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About Us

About us..... is a website owned and operated by Marnimik LLC. Marnimik LLC is organized in the State of Indiana and is named after the three family members (MARiam, NIna, and MIKe) who own the business. In 2005, the family lost their primary source of income and almost went bankrupt. Without the help of family, friends, and numerous organizations, the family would have been forced to live on the streets. 

In 2007, the family was able to start crawling out of debt and by 2009 was financially independent. Since then, the family has been doing everything within their power to help others (just as they were helped during their time of need).

In 2010, the family noticed that organizations were hurting for funding during bad economic times. The funds that flowed during good economic times were no longer there. It just didn’t seem right that organizations that are designed to help others (food banks, homeless shelters, etc.) were in need themselves. The family did notice that for being in bad economic times, people were still shopping (in stores and online).  After several months of research, the idea of bringing both shoppers and the organizations together was born (the birth of was founded to help organizations benefit from people shopping online. Retailers pay commission to websites (like who generate traffic to their site. takes the commission that is paid to them and then returns a percentage of the commission to the shopper (you) who made the purchase. The commission can then be withdrawn by the shopper to use as they wish; or, more importantly, the shopper can elect to have the money donated to the organization of their choice. It’s a win/win for everyone. 

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