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Frequently Asked Questions:

Please refer to the following frequently asked questions.  If you cannot locate an answer that helps, please contact us at

What Is “Cashback” Shopping?

Cashback shopping is a method of earning cash back for making online purchases.  When you make a purchase at a certain retailer, a percentage of your total purchase is given to you in the form of cashback.  For instance, if you make a $100 purchase at store “XYZ” and they are offering 4% cashback, you will receive $4.00 cashback.

How Does Cashback Shopping Work?

Retailers pay website owners a “fee” for referring customers to their sites.  For example, store “XYZ” may offer website owners 5% of all orders referred to them from a website.  In order for the website to receive the commission, the customer making the purchase must go through that website (not link directly to the retailer) so that the purchase can be tracked and amount of cashback calculated. 

After we receive this commission, we pay a percentage back to you. Basically, you shop as normal; however, for going through, you receive a percentage of your purchase back. Your cashback amount is credited to your account and you can withdraw it at any time after the hold period.

What Is The “Hold” Period? 

Once your cashback amount is credited to your account, it will show as “pending”.  The period of time that the transaction is “pending” is considered the hold period.  The hold period is necessary to ensure proper account credits for any returned merchandise. 

The hold period is normally approximately 30 days but may be longer depending on the retailer.  Once the hold period for the specific retailer is up, your cashback amount will show “confirmed” from “pending.”  Once the amount shows as “confirmed”, you are free to withdraw the amount.

How Are My Purchases Tracked?

When you log in to your account, cookies from your computer know that you are on the site.  Then, when you click on a retailer, the retailer knows that you are making purchases “through”  Please note that the only information from that is given to the retailer by is your member number.  There is no personal information that is ever shared with the retailer.  Once the retailer records the transaction, they tell us the purchase amount and the member number who made the transaction.  We then credit your account for the transaction. 

Make sure that cookies are active on your computer.  It is important to remember that you must be logged into your account when you click on a retailer link in order to receive cashback.  If you are not logged it, we cannot track the purchase that you made and we will not know to give you your cashback.

Finally, once you click on the retailer’s site, do not click on any other site (e.g., another coupon site, etc.) as it will track your purchase from that site and not from  Once you have completed your purchase at that retailer we will be able to track your cashback and you can then leave the retailer’s site.

Do I Get Cashback If I Buy Or Use A Gift Card?

Generally, gift card purchases do not qualify for cashback.  Also, while many retailers do give cashback for use of a gift card, many do not and as such we cannot guarantee that you will receive cashback for use of a gift card.

How Do I Use

  • Create a free account
  • Log in to your account
  • Find the shop you need
  • Click the link to visit the retailers site
  • Shop as you would normally
  • Get cash back
  • Either donate your cashback or withdraw the funds to use as you wish.

Why Do Some Retailers Pay Different Percentages?

Some retailers offer us a higher referral fee than others.  As such, we are able to offer you more cashback at some retailers over others.  In addition, some retailers pay us on a scale which means the more business that we send them, the more our referral fee increases.  When this happens, we increase the cashback that we offer you as a reward for shopping through us.

Can I Use Coupon Codes And Still Receive Cash Back?

Absolutely!! This is the best part of  Our site is full of coupons, deals, and discounts.  You can use any of the coupons available on our site or any coupon that you find elsewhere on the web.  REMEMBER – If you use a coupon from another site, your purchase may not be tracked through as the cookies in your computer may track the purchase through the other site.  As such, it is recommended that you use the deals and coupons available on

How Do I Recover My Password?

If you lose your password, do not worry.  Simply go HERE to recover your password.

I Made A Purchase Today.  Why Did It Not Show Up In My Account?

We credit cashback to your account as soon as the retailer notifies us that you made a purchase.  Some retailers do this immediately, some do it when the item is shipped, some wait a specific period of time (up to 30 days) to report a transaction.  If you made a purchase and believe that it was not credited to your account, please contact us at  We will research the transaction for you.

When Do You Make Donations?

We make donations once on a monthly basis (12 times per year).  We do this on different days throughout the month and will pool all donations for an organization into one donation (e.g., 10 users donate to the same cause - we will pool the donations and pay them all in 1 transaction).  If you request to donate is made on the 1st of a month and we do not pay the organization until the 10th of the month, the funds will be held until the time that we make payment. 


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